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Single washable HEPA exhaust vacuum filter EFH13W offers a slightly higher grade of filtration Suits: VOLTA: ALL models of AirMax, Bolido, Control, Cyclone, Cyclone XL, Maximus, Quickstop WERTHEIM: W4030, 4030 Super System, W5030, 5030, W5035, 5035, W6030, 6030, W6035, 6035 ELECTROLUX: Accelerator ZAC6705, ZAC6707, ZAC6716, ZAC6717, ZAC6742, ZAC6805, ZAC6806, ZAC6810, ZAC6826, ZAC6827 Airmax ZAM6100, ZAM6101, ZAM6103, ZAM6104, ZAM6106, ZAM6107, ZAM6109, ZAM6116, ZAM6200, ZAM6210, ZAM6220, ZAM6230, ZAM6240, ZAM6250, ZAM6271, ZAM6280, ZAM6290, Bolido Z4500, Z4510, Z4520, Z4520T, Z4525, Z4535, Z4538, Z4590, Z4595, Z4595 Clario Z1900, Z1905, Z19051, Z19052, Z1910, Z1912, Z1915, Z1915M, Z1930, Z1931, Z1935, Z1940, Z1942, Z1943, Z1943M, Z1944, Z1944, Z1945, Z1946, Z1947, Z1948, Z1948M, Z1955, Z1955M, Z1995, Z2000, Z2010, Z2015, Z2018, Z2020, Z2022, Z2025, Z2030, Z2030, Z2035, Z2036, Z2039, Z2040, Z2045, Z2048, Z2050, Z2060, Z2095 Cyclone Z5810, ZC6422, ZCX6422, ZCX6202 Ergospace ZE347, ZE2243, ZE2244, ZEG300 Excellio Z5030, Z5040, Z5045, Z5048, Z5228, Z5240, Z5245 Ingenio Z1570 Oxygen Z5515, Z5530, Z5533, Z5540, Z5560, Z5561, Z5621, Z5632, Z5635, Z5650, Z5915, Z5930 Oxygen Plus Z7320, Z7350, Z7351 Oxy3System ZO6320, ZO6330, ZO6350 PraxioZ6020, Z6030, Z6040 Power System Superpro Z6160 Smart Vac Twinclean Z8210, Z8215, Z8220, Z8222, Z8225, Z8230, Z8232, Z8235, Z8240, Z8245, Z8266, Z8273, Z8280 Ultra Active ZUA3810, ZUA3810P, ZUA3820, ZUA3820P, ZUA3830, ZUA3830P, ZUA3830PT, ZUA3840, ZUA3860, ZUA3860P, ZUA3800, ZUAG3801, ZUAG3802 UltraFlex Allergy ZUF4201OR Ultra One Z8821P, Z8871P, Z90 Ultra One Green ZG8800 Ultra Silencer Z3328, Z3347, Z3357, Z3365, Z3372, ZUS3385, ZUSG3900, ZUSG3940P Cyclonic Z5810, Z5810T, Z5820, Z5820T, Z5830, Z5830T, Z5835, Z5835T UltraPerformer ZUP3862P, ZUP3832PT, ZUP3822P UltraCaptic ZUC4102ANC, ZUC4102PET, ZUC4103DEL, ZUC4101AF JetMaxx ZJM68FD1, ZJM6840 SuperCyclone Dust and Gone ZSC69FD2 GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART EFH13W
Height: 200mm Width: 165mm Depth: 45mm Weight: 0.131kg

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