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SUITS LG MODELS; 22CS460, 22LK330, 22LS3500, 22LT360C, 22LV2530, 26CS460, 26LC7D, 26LK330, 26LK330.ANR, 26LS3500, 26LT360C, 26LV2530 ** 32CS460, 32LA6230, 32LA6600, 32LB9D, 32LC7D, 32LC7R, 32LD560, 32LE5510, 32LE7500, 32LK330, 32LK450, 32LK457C, 32LM6200, 32LM6400, 32LM6410, 32LN571B, 32LS3400, 32LS3500, 32LS4600, 32LT360C, 32LV2530, 32LV3300, 32LV3400, 32LV3500, 32LV355C, 32LV3730, 32LW4500 ** 37LC4R, 37LC7D, 37LC7R, 37LD650, 37LE5510, 37LE7500, 37LV3500, 37LV3730, 37SL80YD ** 42CS460, 42LA6230, 42LA6600, 42LA6910, 42LB2DE, 42LB9DF, 42LC2DR, 42LC7D, 42LC7R, 42LD560, 42LD650, 42LE5510, 42LE7500, 42LK450, 42LK457C, 42LM6200, 42LM6410, 42LM6700, 42LM7600, 42LN5710, 42LS3400, 42LS4600, 42LT360C, 42LV3400, 42LV3500, 42LV355C, 42LV3730, 42LV5500, 42LW4500, 42LW5700, 42LW6500, 42LX6500, 42LY3DE, 42PA4500, 42PC5R, 42PG20D, 42PJ350, 42PJ650, 42PQ60D, 42PT250, 42SL80YD ** 47LA6230, 47LA6620, 47LA6910, 47LA7400, 47LB2DE, 47LB9DF, 47LD650, 47LE5510, 47LE7500, 47LM6200, 47LM6410, 47LM6700, 47LM7600, 47LM8600, 47LS4600, 47LV3500, 47LV355C, 47LV3730, 47LV5500, 47LW4500, 47LW5700, 47LW6500, 47LX6500, 47LY3DE, 47SL80YD ** 50LA6230, 50LA6620, 50PA4500, 50PA6500, 50PB2DR, 50PC5R, 50PG20D, 50PG79ED, 50PH6700, 50PJ350, 50PJ650, 50PK550, 50PK750, 50PM4700, 50PM6700, 50PN6500, 50PQ60D, 50PS30FD, 50PS70FD, 50PS80ED, 50PS80FD, 50PT250, 50PV250, 50PY3DF, 50PZ950 ** 52LB9DF, 52LD560 ** 55EA9700, 55EA9800, 55LA6200, 55LA6230, 55LA6600, 55LA6620, 55LA6910, 55LA7400, 55LA8600, 55LD650, 55LE5510, 55LE7500, 55LM6200, 55LM6410, 55LM6700, 55LM7600, 55LM8600, 55LM9600, 55LN5710, 55LV355H, 55LV3730, 55LV5500, 55LW4500, 55LW5700, 55LW6500, 55LW9500, 55LX6500, 55SL80YD, 55LX9500 ** 60LM6450, 60LM9600, 60PA6500, 60PH6700, 60PK550, 60PK750, 60PM6700, 60PN6500, 60PS40FD, 60PS60FD, 60PS70FD, 60PS80FD, 60PV250, 60PY3DF, 60PZ950 ** 65LM6200, 65LW6500 ** 72LM9500 ** 84LA9800, 84LM9600 LG TYPICALLY NOTE THE MODEL NUMBER ON THE FRONT OF THE OWNERS MANUAL AND ON THE BACK OF THE APPLIANCE. THIS LG REMOTE CONTROLS HAS THE PART NUMBER AKB74115502 ON THE FRONT AT THE BOTTOM. *REMOTE COMES PRE-PROGRAMMED TO SUIT ALL MODELS ABOVE AND USES 2 X AAA BATTERIES NOT SUPPLIED. CAN ORDER USING OUR PART NUMBER RL081 #MAY ALSO BE KNOWN AS PART NUMBERS; AKB72914277, AKB73756565, AKB73615312, AKB72914216, AKB73275614, AKB73275618, AKB73615362 **BEWARE OF SOME CHEAP NON GENUINE COPIES WHICH MAY NOT HAVE ALL OF THE FEATURES OR QUALITY OF THE GENUINE REMOTE** NEW AND GENUINE LG PART AKB74115502 Replaces part numbers AKB72914055, AKB73756520
Weight: 0.3kg

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