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ALSO KNOWN AS PART NO. 1557444 SUITS MANY WESTINGHOUSE, SIMPSON & ELECTROLUX STOVE MODELS REPLACES PART NUMBERS; 0609100295, 0060002072, 1557444, 1557214, 1557043, 1557611, 1568189, 1556122, 1555777 NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 0609100269

Oven - Combi Oven/Cooktop - Lamp / Globe - 63B904B

USED IN:3U600W, 3U602W, 3U603W, 3U604W, 3U605W, 3U606W, 3U608W, 3U609W, 4U600W, 4U601W, 4U602W, 4U603W, 4U604W, 4U605W, 4U606W, 4U608W, 4U609W, 4U612W, 4U613W, 61C810W, 61C811W, 61C815W, 61C816W, 61C895W, 61C914W, 61C915W, 61C919W, 61C920W, 61C922W, 61C931W, 61D810W, 61D811W, 61D813W, 61D817W, 61D890R, 61D919W, 61D920W, 61D924W, 61D925W, 61D931W, 61F810W, 61F811W, 61F813W, 61F817W, 61F890R, 61F919W, 61F920W, 61F920WP, 61F925W, 61F931W, 62A850B, 62A850W, 62A852B, 62A852SB, 62A852SW, 62A852W, 62A854TB, 62A854TW, 62A858MTB, 62A858MTW, 62A872V, 62A874V, 62A882R, 62A884R, 62F841WN, 62F851W, 62F854W, 63A807B, 63A807W, 63A808B, 63A808W, 63A909B, 63A909W, 63B904B, 63B904S, 63B904W, 63B905VW, 63B906S, 63B906W, 63B907S, 64C354S, 64C354W, 64C822W, 64C825W, 64C946W, 64F354S, 64F354W, 64G354S, 64G354W, 64G825W, 64H354S, 64H354W, 64K354S, 64K354W, 66E202W, 66E204W, 66E207S, 66E207W, 75A804B, 75A804W, 75A954W, 75A974W, 75A975W, 75B804B, 75B804W, 75B954W, 75B974W, 75B975W, 75B982B, 75B982W, 85E726S, 85E726W, 86E217SLP, 86E217SNG, 86E217WLP, 86E217WNG, 87E716S, 87E716W, 88E738S, 88E738W, CHS642SA, CHS642WA, CHS942WA, DSL635S, DSL635W, EBC5010W, EBC5030W, EBC5040W, EBC5201W, EBC5211W, EBC5231W, EBC5241, EBC5241W, EBC5261, EBC5261W, EBC5271, EBC5271W, EBC5451, EBC5451W, EBC5481, EBC5481W, EDC691S, EDC693S, EDC693W, EDE693S, EEC1230W-L, EEC1230W-R, EEC1350W-L, EEC1350W-R, EEC1380W-L, EEC1380W-R, EGC631S, EGC631W, EGC633S, EGC633W, EGC651S, EGC652W, EGC653W, EHC613S, EHC613W, EHC614S, EHC614W, EHC617S, EHC617W, EHC913W, EHC914W, EHC917W, EHS612K, EHS612S, EHS612W, ESE6633S, ESE6634S, EUC5110W, EUC5130W, EUC5140W, EUC5330W, EUC5340W, EUC5350W, EUC5370W, EUC5390W, EXC611S, EXC611W, EXC641S, EXC643S, EXC643W, EXC693S, EXC693W, GGC643SLP, GGC643SNG, GGC643WLP, GGC643WNG, GGP475SLP, GGP475SNG, GGP475WLP, GGP475WNG, GGR475SLP, GGR475SNG, GGR475WLP, GGR475WNG, GSC6615SLP, GSC6615SNG, GSC6615WLP, GSC6615WNG, GSC6618SLP, GSC6618SNG, GSC6618WLP, GSC6618WNG, GSC6635KLP, GSC6635KNG, GSC6635SLP, GSC6635SNG, GSC6635WLP, GSC6635WNG, GSC6638KLP, GSC6638KNG, GSC6638SLP, GSC6638SNG, GSC6638WLP, GSC6638WNG, GSC6655SLP, GSC6655SNG, GSC6655WLP, GSC6655WNG, GSC6658SLP, GSC6658SNG, GXR650SLP, GXR650SNG, GXR650WLP, GXR650WNG, PAJ140W, PAJ143W, PAJ144W, PAJ161B, PAJ501R, PAJ501RS, PAJ509R, PAJ509RC, PAJ518W, PAJ520W, PAJ521W, PAJ529B, PAJ558W, PAJ804W, PAJ805W, PAJ806W, PAJ808W, PAK130W, PAK140W, PAK141W, PAK143W, PAK144W, PAK161B, PAK501R, PAK501RS, PAK507RC, PAK509R, PAK509RC, PAK518W, PAK520W, PAK529B, PAK557W, PAK558W, PAK804W, PAK806W, PAK808W, PDL790S, PDL790W, PEK1350W-L, PEK1350W-R, PEK1370W-L, PEK1370W-R, PEK1380W-L, PEK1380W-R, PGH658S, PGH658W, PGL657S, PGL657W, PGL659S, PGL659W, PGN657S, PGN657W, PGN659S, PGN659W, PGP659S, PGP659W, PGR659S, PGR659W, PHH255CS, PHH255CW, PHH255K, PHH255S, PHH255W, PHH364W, PHH365K, PHH365W, PHK255K, PHK255S, PHK255W, PHL255S, PHL255W, PHL365K, PHL365W, PHP255S, PHP255W, PHR255S, PHR255W, POF660S, POF660W, POF662S, POF662W, POF664S, POF664W, POF677B, POF677S, POF677W, POF684R, POF688B, POF688S, POF688W, POF689B, POF689K, POF689W, POHL662SCC, POHL662WCC, POHL668SCC, POHL668WCC, POL667KCY, POL667S, POL667W, POL667WCY, POL668S, POL668SCY, POL668W, POL668WCY, PPL775S, PPL775W, PPL776S, PPL776W, PPL778S, PPL778W, PSJ633S, PSL632S, PSL632W, PXL688K, PXL688S, PXL688W, PXL698S, PXL698W, PXN688S, PXN688W, PXN698S, PXN698W, PXP698S, PXP698W, PXR698S, PXR698W, WFE912SA, WFE914SA, WHS642SA, WHS642WA, WLE522WA, WLE525WA, WLE527WA, WLE533WA, WLE535WA, WLE537WA, WLE547WA, WLE620WA, WLE622WA, WLE624WA, WLE625WA, WLE626WA, WLE644WA, WLE645WA, WLE646WA,

  • Weight: 0.004kg
  • Height: 230mm
  • Width: 7mm
  • Depth: 3mm

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